The Grimaldi Alliance Announces Collaboration with Leading Firms in SEE

SELA and Grimaldi Alliance organized a business forum on South East Europe, moderated by Francesco Sciaudone (managing partner of Grimaldi Studio Legale) and Michael Bray (the coordinator of the Grimaldi Alliance). The member firms of SELA have become part of the Grimaldi Alliance and were selected on the basis of their quality and leading status in their respective jurisdictions in SEE.

The South East Europe Business Forum brought together leading law firms from SELA as representatives of the Grimaldi Alliance partners. The event was attended by almost 100 people from the corporate, commercial, financial and diplomatic sectors. These included representatives of the Municipality of Milan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Economic Development, SACE, SIMEST, ICE, the Region of Sicily, as well as representatives of the Consulate General of Serbia, the Consulate of Croatia and the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and Montenegro. The panel discussions focused on the economic benefits of investing in the Balkan area and identified a number of significant financing and investment opportunities in the Infrastructure and Energy Sectors.