Bojović & Partners signed a Memorandum on Strengthening Legal Service Cooperation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative

Partner from the MWE China Law Offices Mr. Kevin Qian and Partner from Bojović & Partners Mr. Vuk Drašković have signed a Memorandum to strengthen legal service cooperation and communication for supporting the „Belt and Road“ initiative and deepening bilateral pragmatic legal services cooperation, on the ceremony of launching the “Legal Environment Report of the “Belt and Road” Countries” held in Beijing, China, on 24 June this year.

China’s “Belt and Road” initiative is an economic framework developed to increase connectivity between China and over 100 countries and international organizations, based on the ancient Silk Road land and maritime routes. The “Belt and Road” initiative aims to link different regions through infrastructure construction, transport and economic corridors, and by bridging China physically, financially, digitally and socially with the rest of the world.

MWE China Law Offices and Bojović & Partners will jointly strengthen legal service cooperation and communication to support the “Belt and Road“ initiative, aiming at achieving the common development goals of the two countries, transferring the cooperation willingness in the field of legal services into pragmatic cooperation projects, promoting political, economic and social development by means of making legal progress, and making efforts to better benefit citizens of the two countries.